TOSAQ ‘Legends in Concert’ 2017 Highlights – Second Half…. The magic returned in 2017 with an all new show, back by popular demand. ‘Legends in Concert’ was an entertaining afternoon of music and fun with award winning Australian entertainers George Harvey, Debbie Fitzsummons, Laura Doolan, Robert Pearson, Bill Schumacher, Christina Wilson, David Boyd and Troy Doolan.

As the show started, the room danced with the lights of special effects and vibrated to the thrum of ‘The Christie’. On this 1934-vintage instrument, Fitzsummons and Schumacher conjured up a symphony of sound, in a program of exhilarating popular music supported by a brilliant backing band.

All of the artists donated their time to TOSAQ with the proceeds from the 2017 Legends in Concert show going towards the ongoing maintenance and enhancements of ‘The Christie’.

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